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Well, the dawn of a new year is a good opportunity to make a positive change. Personally, however, I think any time is an excellent time to set new goals and make improvements in our lives – seniors especially – and I believe it boils down to learning. It doesn’t matter how many years we’ve been around, making changes in our lives means learning to do things differently and, we hope, better. Years ago, I read in a spiritual book that “He who conquers himself or herself is greater than he who conquers a city.” I’ve never forgotten it, because I believe this concept is the cornerstone of personal development. You may want to think it over, but focusing on that one idea could possibly make your life a lot more peaceful. Regardless of your feelings on resolutions, I wish you well with yours.

Another concept is one we have on a sign as you enter Ken’s Deli & Bakery. It was coined by the late Steve Sabol of NFL Films: “Have you made someone laugh today?” Laughter is so important for good health, so we’ll try to make you laugh when you come to Ken’s Deli & Bakery. I’m lucky to have all kinds of people that will help, our guys and girls have great senses of humor and make others laugh often, so we have a pretty happy atmosphere. Guess what? They do it for free. I hope you’ll be able to visit us at Ken’s Deli & Bakery more often this year. Thank you for readingSLDigest and visiting us at Ken’s Deli & Bakery.

God Bless,

Ken Gillette


From My View

by Ken Gillette
Editor & Publisher